The Development Trend Of Curtain Wall

- Sep 17, 2018-

1, from the cumbersome to more light plate and structure (natural stone thickness of 25mm, the new material of the thinnest to 1mm).

2, the variety of less gradually moving to many types of plate and more rich color (currently has stone, ceramic board, glass-ceramics, high-pressure laminates, cement fiber wire board, glasses, inorganic fiberglass, clay Board, Taubao Board, metal plate, such as nearly 60 kinds of plate application outside the wall).

3, higher security performance.

4. More flexible, convenient and quick construction technology.

5, higher waterproof performance, extended the life of the curtain wall (from the closed curtain wall development to open curtain wall).

6, environmental protection and energy saving (today's European and American construction market is more commonly used for metal decorative insulation board, by color-baked aluminum-zinc alloy carved finishes, polyurethane insulation layer, glass fiber cloth composite and formed; the decoration and insulation energy-saving function, topcoat 10-15 years without fading, the overall service life of up to 45 years).