The Classification Of Curtain Wall

- Sep 17, 2018-

1. Depending on the use 

Curtain wall from the use can be divided into: building curtain wall, component-type building curtain wall, unit-type curtain wall, glass curtain wall, stone curtain wall, metal board curtain wall, all glass curtain wall, point supporting glass curtain wall and so on.

2. According to the Mosaic board

2.1 Glass Curtain Wall

(1) According to glass type divided into: single-piece glass, glued glass, insulating glass.

(2) According to the glass installation method is divided into: all glass curtain wall, glass brick curtain wall, point-connected glass curtain wall.

All glass curtain wall: hanging type glass curtain wall, seat ground type glass curtain wall.

Glass brick curtain wall: frame type glass brick curtain wall, filling type glass brick curtain wall.

Point-connected glass curtain wall: rod-type glass curtain wall, cable-type glass curtain wall, truss-type glass curtain wall.

2.2 Metal plate curtain wall

Single-chip aluminum, composite aluminum plate, aluminum-plastic plate, stainless steel plate, titanium alloy plate, color steel plate, copper plate (NO).

2.3 Non-metallic board (excluding glass) curtain wall

Stone Board, Honeycomb Composite board, thousand think board, ceramic board, calcium plastic board, wood-based panel, pre-casting cement processing board.

Stone curtain wall: Composite curtain wall, steel pin stone curtain wall, short groove stone curtain wall, pass trough stone curtain wall, back bolt stone curtain wall, small element stone curtain wall, wet sticking stone curtain wall, honeycomb stone stone curtain wall.

3. According to the component

3.1 Frame type (element type) curtain wall

(1) Ming-framed curtain wall

(2) Concealed frame type glass curtain wall

(3) Horizontal Ming vertical hidden glass curtain wall

(4) Horizontal Hidden vertical-ming type glass curtain wall

3.2 Element curtain wall

(1) Unit-type glass curtain wall: The unit type curtain wall is same as the regular component type curtain wall, in the beginning design, the first need to consider is satisfies the building effect the request, in satisfies the building effect the foundation to consider the curtain wall structure, the structure design emphatically.

(2) Half-unit glass curtain wall

(3) Small unit type glass curtain wall

4 depending on whether open

4.1 Closed 

4.2 Open, such as breathing curtain wall (two-layer dynamic energy-saving curtain wall).