Facade Industry Prospects

- Sep 17, 2018-

Although China's construction curtain wall industry started late, but the starting point is high, more than 20 years, through the introduction of foreign advanced technology, the development of new products, open up the market, optimize the industrial structure, the formation of Chinese characteristics of sustainable development technology innovation mechanism.

Looking to the future, the building curtain wall will still be the dominant structure of the public building, China aluminum doors and windows and building curtain wall industry will continue to maintain a steady growth trend. "China construction curtain wall industry market forward-looking and investment strategy planning Analysis Report" shows that in recent years, the booming construction industry in China has provided a venue for building curtain wall industries, to meet the different architectural design requirements of the curtain wall products in the engineering practice of successful application of the description,

The construction curtain wall is the most ideal external structure of the large public building so far.

At present, China has been able to independently develop products with independent intellectual property rights, in the major curtain wall project bidding has revealed the unique design of the enterprise, in the Construction organization plan design more embodies the enterprise management and corporate culture, China's construction curtain wall industry began to mature stage of development. According to China's national conditions, in accordance with the requirements of economic and social sustainable development, energy saving is a long-term policy of China, building energy conservation is one of China's basic national policy.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban and rural construction "on the development of energy-saving provincial residential and public buildings guidance" is undoubtedly blowing to the building curtain wall industry, it has been the emergence of new technologies and new products suitable for the development of curtain wall industry, promoting the development of new curtain wall materials industry.